we take pretty girls

and bake um

psycho cup cakers
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ok gals...this is a community made by me..for you..because i fucking said so...if you have problems with is...i don't care so don't whine. A true cuntcake is a gal who knows whats going down..she is hip to the psycho vibe and everyone knows it..don't cross her! we here are all cuntcakes..don't mess, don't play....or we'll have our way! be warned little girls and boys we aren't little one's with toys!!!

1~I am the moderator...which means i rule this shit..and all it implies
2~if you give my mods shit i will have you royaly banned and have your shit rejected for all to see how lame you are
3~we DO NOT accept people who are emo/bitchy/whiney/or stupid..also because i said so
4~just do the shit right the first time...there are no second chances
5~don't post anything with large lettering/pics etc..without an lj cut
6~don't write on other peoples post's if you aren't accepted
7~you get the idea
8~in the subject line put "SNATCH CANDY...COME AND GET IT!"
9~if you piss me off....i will without reason give all my members right to thrash your silly ass
10~make sure you read the rules ok kiddies
11~for number five put the mods rule my stupid ass

cut and paste this form:


1~what is your name (full):

2~any nicknames?:

3~name 10 bands you love:

4~name 10 bands you think our world could do without:

5~who rules you?:

6~what makes you a cuntcake?:

7~name 5 movies you love:

8~what is your label/genre if you have one:

9~name at least 2 of the songs from one of your loved bands (must include band name):

10~do you smoke/drink/other?:



13~favorite brand of cereal?

14~when you hear the word cookie..what do you think?

15~who would win in a fight (kim nekroman or sid vicious)?

ok guys and dolls....now its PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!

give us at least 5 good pictures of yourself

and finally any last words???

now for those of you who get accepted...here are some guidelines
1~rate fairly..if you think he/she is a loserfaced asshat..please say so in the kindest way (although im sure i can look the other way most times:])
2~please take the time to read each app so we can fairly rate all newbies
3~if you are rude to me..or any of the mods we will squash you..and trust me the mods are good verbal bitchslappers...make no mistake
4~generally keep watching..if you feel like posting for all of us who love you that would be lovely
5~just because you see people posting about other communitys..that does NOT mean you have to go and apply it just means..you have that option

obviously you were not accepted because of obvious reasons as i am quite sure my members have voiced alloud but here might be some things to consider for your next attempt..(now i know i said no second chances...but i might reconsider if you make nice with me)
1~you pissed off myself, or a mod
2~someone generally doesn't like you
3~to many no's
4~you are boring as all bloddy hell!
5~you aren't cuntcake material

for now im working on banners...if anyone would like to help it would be appreciated but for now

compliments of our lustrious lea a.k.a miseria_hellcat

compliments of our lustrious lea a.k.a miseria_hellcat

your maintainer♥

ok dollies i have 10 auto-accepts ok....the list below is of who is now a proud owner of one of those lovley auto-accepts










ok dolls...every month we will have an honorary cupcakers contest...and if manage to get this award you will
1~recieve the stamp "honorary cupcaker" but for right now i need to work on one:]
2~one "GET THE HELL OUT" pass which means you have the right to absolutley override the mods and myself on ONE app only...so don't waste it kidddies:]
3~free reign on one new banner we make
4~your picture will be on the info page with our label
5~we will have you pick the next honorary cup caker
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